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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sticky Fingers: DIY Duct Tape Projects Summer Blog Tour

Sticky Fingers: DIY Duct Tape Projects: easy to pick up, hard to put down
Sophie Maletsky
Zest Books. 2014
ISBN: 9781936976546
The publisher sent me a copy of the book to review.
All ages.

We are pleased to take part in the 
Sticky Fingers: DIY Duct Tape Projects 
summer blog tour. 

Teens + duct tape = fun

Whenever the Teen Advisory Board at my library hosts events, duct tape crafts are one of the activities of choice. They never seem to tire of making wallets, flowers, and bracelets, but lately the afterschool crowd has been scouting around for more ideas. Sticky Fingers: DIY Duct Tape Projects is just the book to support their creativity.

sunglasses case
Sophie Maletsky ( is considered a duct tape expert and it shows with this jam-packed instruction book. The assortment of projects is wide-ranging--70+ in all--and is organized for home, for school, and to wear. The ideas range from a checkered beach bag, sunglasses case to a headband and makeup case. Need to clean your room? Try the desk organizer, woven basket or earring tree. Malestsky begins with the basics of brands and types of tapes and takes readers through essential techniques. Color photos that mirror the clearly written step-by-step directions accompany each project.

Sticky Fingers is perfect for those individuals who find duct tape projects (well, all craft projects) intimidating. 

Go here to download a Sticky Fingers Activity Guide.
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