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Monday, April 18, 2022

Where Have All the Birds Gone? by Rebecca E. Hirsch

Where Have All the Birds Gone?
by Rebecca E. Hirsch
Twenty-First Century Books, an imprint of Lerner Publishing Group, Inc. 2022.

Birds are essential to a healthy planet. They help pollinate flowers, eat pesky insects that may damage crops, some even thrive on roadkill. Birds wake us up in the morning with their songs, and we spend countless hours with binoculars watching them, both in the field or at our home bird feeders. Yet, despite our love of birds, they are disappearing at an alarming rate. According to Rebecca E. Hirsch, “Since 1970, nearly 30 percent of all birds in the United States and Canada have vanished.” 

In Where Have All the Birds Gone?, biologist turned science writer, Hirsch writes an excellent account of what is causing such a drastic decline and ways communities can protect these essential workers. From bird strikes on windows, light pollution, pesticides, the household kitty-cat to vanishing habitats, the nine chapters cover specific issues that have caused the greatest damage to birds and the people who have worked to find a solution. Well-captioned color photos visually support the text. Text boxes also add a deeper explanation of something being mentioned within the narrative.

The book includes an Author’s Note, glossary, source notes, selected bibliography, further information, and an index. 

An excellent addition to all library collections, Where Have All the Birds Gone? is a must read for everyone.

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