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Friday, July 8, 2022

Sharks: a Mighty Bite-Y History Words by Miriam Forster


Sharks: a Mighty-Bite-Y History
words by Miriam Forster; pictures by Gordy Wright
Abrams. 2022

Sharks: a Mighty Bite-Y History is jam-packed with lots and lots of information about…Sharks! The large format size allows one to become fully absorbed in all the facts and details about these very ancient animals. “They’ve survived extinction, predators, and changing climates.” They have been able to adapt to their environment so well they have been on Earth for a very long, long, long, time.

The illustrations, painted by hand in gouache, scanned, then put together digitally, are colorful and draw readers in to the undersea world. 

Amidst details about a particular shark, the book travels through a timeline, starting with the Cladoselache shark. Alive during the Devonian period (385-359 million years ago), it was up to 6 feel long and feasted on shrimp, fish, eels, and other sharks. In addition to information about particular sharks, every few pages there is a ToolBox that offers lots of facts about sharks. From shark shape, shark skin, shark nurseries to shark size and their senses. Rabid fans will love these details.  

Included are suggestions on ways to help sharks at home (reduce plastic trash when you can) and resources for further reading.

Add this large format book to your library collection. You will discover kids sprawled out in pairs on the floor, pouring over the illustrations and gobbling up the facts. A savory reading and viewing experience for all. Guaranteed!

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