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Monday, October 14, 2019

If Elephants Disappeared

42642069. sx318 If Elephants Disappeared   
by Lily Williams
Roaring Brook Press, 2019
Grades 1-5

This cause & effect picture book explores what would happen if elephants were extinct. Set in the Congo Basin Forest, readers will learn about the "complex ecosystem" and how important elephant dung is to the health and biodiversity of the forest. An eye-opening, two-page infographic illustrates how the elephant population is declining due to poaching.  Cartoon-style illustrations will help readers relate to the story while the use of somber colors sets a serious tone.

Williams' successfully takes a complex topic of biodiversity and breaks it down in a clear manner that young children will understand. The book ends with a call to action encouraging readers to speak up to save the elephants and our environment. Back matter includes a glossary, author's note, bibliography and suggested resources. Pair If Elephants Disappeared with No Monkeys, No Chocolate by Melissa Stewart.

Visit the publisher's site to preview pages from the book.

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  1. Just read it!! Such a great series. Do you know if this is the last book, or if there's another one. I think the shark one was my favorite :)