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Two intrepid librarians review the best nonfiction books for children

Thursday, May 16, 2019

When Plants Attack

When Plants Attack: Strange and Terrifying Plants
by Rebecca E. Hirsch
Millbrook Press, 2019
Grades 3-6

Upper elementary readers will delight in this nonfiction picture book featuring plants adaptations that help them survive in the wild. Hirsch writes in an expository style with a conversational tone that engages readers with the text. Each chapter focuses on a different plant species.

Readers will learn about pitcher plants that trap insects and pisonia trees that catch birds with their sticky seeds. Other plants featured in the book include the dodder vine, swollen thorns, and kudzu. Close-up photographs of the plants accompany the descriptive text.

When Plants Attack would make a great read aloud in a science class learning about plant and animal adaptations. It's also likely to be a popular nonfiction read with kids who love the gory aspects of science.

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