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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Koala Hospital by Suzi Eszterhas

Koala Hospita
Written and photographed by Suzi Eszterhas
Owl Kids Books. 2015
ISBN: 978177471404
Grades 1-5
I borrowed a copy of this book from my local public library

Koala Hospital, located on the southeast coast of Australia, has been rescuing and treating sick and injured koalas for over 40 years. Similar in focus to the Scientists in the Field series, this new offering in the Wildlife Rescue series is intended for a younger audience. Readers will learn the process of caring for the injured koalas and steps taken to rehabilitate them before returning them to the wild.

For koalas, living with people can be challenging and dangerous. That’s where the Koala Hospital comes in. A big-time koala lover, Cheyne Flanagan runs the hospital with her team of volunteers. They all give their time and energy to help give koalas a second chance at life.

Information is conveyed using double-page spreads that includes a color photo showing the work that is being explained in the brief narrative. Each entry explains a specific aspect of the center’s operations in language younger children can understand.

As the injured and sick patients at the hospital continue to recover, they receive 24-hour care from the team. Some koalas spend only a few days at the hospital, but others stay for weeks or even months.

From what happens when a koala gets hurt, how they are transported to the hospital through their care and eventual release back into the wild.

Eszterhas is a wonderful photographer, capturing these cuddly marsupials from infancy to adulthood as they go from sick or injured to fully recovered. Her narrative is persuasive as she reinforces the dangers faced because of human intrusion into their habitat and ways activists have been working with the Australian government to protect these quiet, solitary creatures.

Back matter includes a Q&A with the author, information on how you can help save the koalas or other wildlife in your own backyard, glossary, index, and source notes.

A beautiful, well-composed title that is a must read for all animal lovers.