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Monday, June 25, 2018

Hawk Rising Blog Tour

Hawk Rising
by Marian Gianferrari
illustrated by Brian Floca
Roaring Brook Press, 2018
ISBN: 9781626720961
All ages

Today we are taking part in the Hawk Rising Blog Tour. 

Like she did in Coyote Moon, Gianferrari newest informational picture book offers younger readers a glimpse in a day in the life of a Red-Tail Hawk. The blend of poetic text and Floca’s realistic, watercolor illustrations make for a perfect pairing.

The book opens at daybreak, just as the first rays of sun are pinking the sky. “Father Hawk perch-hunts from a pole, silhouetted, as sunbeams scratch the sky. Red streaks spread. Black talons curving into wood. Hooked beak, sharp as a knife. Head turning. Eyes searching. Chicks waiting.” Will he catch the chipmunk? The sparrows as they flit in the bushes? Or maybe the squirrel?

Watching the hawk throughout the day is a mother and child. As the day ends, and Father Hawk finally has success with catching food, he flies off into the “navy-blue sky.” “Back in the nest he lands. Chicks screech and jostle, beaks wide open, no longer waiting. You yawning. Through the night, safe in your nests, you and the hawk family sleep…”

Atmospheric. Enlightening. Engaging. 

Gianferrari includes facts about the Red-Tailed Hawk, books for viewing reading, and websites to learn more.

To write this review, we were given Advanced Readers Copies by the publisher. 

Cathy and Louise


  1. Thanks so much for featuring Hawk Rising here, Cathy & Louise!! :)

  2. We have nesting hawks in our pasture. Can't wait to read this book!