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Two intrepid librarians review the best nonfiction books for children

Thursday, August 8, 2019

New Nonfiction- August 2019

Check out these new titles that hit shelves in this month.

Heroism Begins With Her 
by Winifred Conkling and Julia Kuo

by Lori Alexander and Vivien Mildenberger

Summer Green to Autumn Gold: Uncovering Leaves' Hidden Colors
by Mia Posada

Rise!: From Caged Bird to Poet of the People, Maya Angelou
by Bethany Hegedus and Tonya Engel

At Home with the Beaver: The Story of a Keystone Species
by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent

Manhattan: Mapping the Story of an Island
by Jennifer Thermes

Maker Comics: Create a Costume
by Sara Myer

Bringing Down a President: The Watergate Scandal
by Andrea Balis, Elizabeth Levy and Tim Foley

Troublemaker for Justice: The Story of Barnard Rustin, 
the Man Behind the March on Washington
by Jacqueline Houtman, Walter Naegle, and Michael G. Long

Todos Iguales/ All Equal
by Christy Hale

The Very Short, Entirely True History of Unicorns
by Sarah Laskow

The Secret Life of the Skunk
by Laurence Pringle and Kate Garchinsky

Billie Jean!: How Tennis Star Billie Jean King Changed Women's Sports
by Mara Rockliff and Elizabeth Baddeley

Saving the Tasmanian Devil
by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent

NaNoWriMo Presents: Brave the Page: A Young Writer's Guide to Telling Epic Stories
by Rebecca Stern and Grant Faulkner
Introduction by Jason Reynolds

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  1. So many great new titles!! Thanks for sharing, Cathy! I am especially looking forward to MANHATTAN. I love Jennifer Thermes' maps! And of course, animal books are always favorites--looking forward to reading about beavers and tasmanian devils. The skunk book looks beautiful-loveKate Garchinsky's illustrations for her other books too!