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Friday, June 3, 2022

Honeybee Rescue by Loree Griffin Burns


Honeybee Rescue: a Backyard Drama 
by Loree Griffin Burns; Photograhs by Ellen Harasimowicz
Charlesbridge. 2022

Loree Griffin Burns latest is an exciting, true story of a honeybee rescue. Told simply, the mix of action and science blends together perfectly like a peanut butter and honey sandwich. 

The tale begins one summer day when Mr. Connery noticed a buzzing was coming from his rickety old barn. When he looked inside, he noticed a colony of honeybees had moved in. As a beekeeper, Mr. Connery knew the old barn was so full of holes and leaks, if the bees remained there they would not survive the winter. 

Who do you call when honeybees need rescuing? Mr. Nelson, a beekeeper who specializes in removing hives from dangerous places. 

The rest of this page-turner of a book will keep even the most reluctant listener enthralled. 

Harasimowicz’s photographs could tell the story on their own. The color photos capture lots of emotion, action, and the beauty of keeping bees.

The book includes an interview with Mr. Nelson, glossary, author's note, sources, and further reading.

Click here to visit the publishers page for more information and resources.

A must-have for all libraries, school and public. A great resource for students, even in high school, who are curious about the ins and outs of beekeeping. 

I loved this book because a few years ago I had a swarm of honeybees set up a hive in my rickety, leaky garage. I called our local honeybee rescuer and within a few days the bees were safely in their new home. A very happy ending.

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  1. Oh, nice! I keep watching for a swarm...Not that I am ready to adopt, but I can call the honey people!