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Monday, July 11, 2022

Two series that will delight young readers

Sea Turtles
Awesome Animal Lives series
by Marysa Storm
Published by Black Rabbit Books. July 2022

I am going to quote the publisher’s description because I could not put into words the focus of this series any better: 

“An eagle snatches up a mouse in one quick swoop. A hungry wolf pack takes down a deer. Meanwhile, a dolphin dives after some slippery fish. Animals’ lives are full of excitement and danger. Through infographics, powerful photography, and a nonfiction beginning reader format, early/fluent readers can explore the habitats, life cycles, and behaviors of some very awesome animals.”

In 21 pages, the book gives a very brief overview of the book’s topic. The three chapters cover the life of the books’ topic. In Sea Turtles, Chapter One covers The Day in the Life and follows a sea turtle as it looks for food. Chapter Two explains that Sea Turtle travel thousands of miles to find food and swim to their nesting grounds. Chapter Three, Family Life, briefly explains laying eggs and the dangers hatchlings face returning to the sea. 

The short narrative gives enough information to peak a readers interest while text blocks throughout each entry defines words mentioned in the narrative. The dynamic, large color photographs dominate the two-page spreads and really capture ones’ attention.

Included is a brief bibliography of books or websites to learn more, and a glossary.

Another early reader series published by Amicus Ink is Spot Big Birds.

Spot Big Birds
Lisa Amstutz. Amicus Ink. 2022

Written by Lisa Amstutz, readers will be introduced to some popular big birds: Cranes, Herons, Ostriches, Storks, Swans, and Flamingos.  Each book starts with key vocabulary words to help early readers connect images and text. For example, readers are asked to search for a bill, toes, wings, nest. The correlating pictures are related to the specific bird the book is about. 

The color photos fill the pages and show lots of details readers will enjoy seeing. The large black font will be ideal for young readers.

These reinforced binding, informational nonfiction series will excite readers who are curious about animals. 

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