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Friday, January 13, 2023

The Universe in You

The Universe in You: A Microscopic Journey
by Jason Chin
Neal Porter Books, 2022.
Grades 2 and up

Jason Chin takes readers on a microscopic adventure through the living world in The Universe In You. Intricate watercolor, gouache and digital illustrations give readers an up close look at cells, DNA and atoms. The book is structured from large to small and compares each new concept to the next. 

"But even nuclear pores are made of smaller parts called...DNA."

Text features such as captions, labels clearly define new terms for young readers. The book comes full circle from the 8 cm hummingbird on the first page and back to the hummingbird at the end after examining how the universe is made up of particles, atoms and molecules.

Curious science-minded readers will be interested in the back matter that includes the periodic table of elements as well as more information about genes, atoms and elementary particles.

The Universe in You one of the most stunning books I read in 2022. It is a recommended purchase for science classrooms in elementary and middle schools and for children interested in science and the natural world.

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