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Friday, July 7, 2023

Men of the 65th: The Borinqueneers of the Korean War

Men of the 65th: The Borinqueneers of the Korean War
by Talia Aikens-Nuńez
Zest Books, 2023
Grades 5 and up

Men of the 65th is a fast-paced expository story about a loyal and decorated Puerto Rican regiment in the US Army. The 65th Infantry Regiment, also know as the Borinqueneers, was formed in 1899 as a segregated unit relegated to non-combat duties. However, the 65th Regiment was approved for combat in 1950 and played an instrumental role in combat missions in the Korean War.

Aikens-Nuñez has done extensive research to bring the story of the 65th Regiment to life. Following a chronological structure, the story is fast-paced and builds in excitement as the soldiers train and are sent to Korea where they bravely fought. Readers will feel like they are on the battlefield along side the Borinqueneers. Near the end of the Korean War, 91 soldiers from the 65th Regiment were court-martialed and found guilty of disobeying orders and desertion. It was the largest court martial of US Soldiers. The book sheds light onto the factors the led to the court-martial and the fall-out in the media and with military and political leaders.

Visual are placed thoughtfully throughout the book to support the story including maps, black & white photographs, and newspaper clippings. Sources notes and a selected bibliography are evidence of the intense research that went into the book. Put this book in the hands of fans of military history stories. I guarantee they have not read a story like this before!

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