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Monday, August 14, 2023

Glitter Everywhere! : Where It Came From, Where It's Found & Where It's Going by Chris Barton

 Glitter Everywhere! : Where It Came From, Where It's Found & Where It's Going
Chris Barton; Illustrated by Chaya Prabhat
Charlesbridge. 2023

Who doesn't love glitter? When I worked at the public library, it seemed that every child who came into the Youth Services Department, regardless of their age (even those in middle and high school), were wearing the glittery stuff. On the other hand, the library director was not a fan of glitter. She didn't appreciate how those tiny, colorful pieces got everywhere and were impossible to clean up. 

But, come on! That's what glitter is all about, right?

In, Glitter Everywhere, award-winning author, Chris Barton, takes readers on a scientific journey that answers many of our questions about glitter: 
        • How it was invented?     
        • How it is made? 
        • Why does it stick to everything? 
        • Is it bad for the environment?
Accentuating the playful narrative are the cartoon-like illustrations, done digitally, full of happy individuals often covered in glitter, mirror what is being described in the text.

Text blocks that offer more details on what is being discussed are set apart with a slightly smaller font located in the upper right hand area of the page. 

What makes this title stand out is its inclusion of all the features that make a quality nonfiction title. I'm talking about an author's note, source notes and a listing of titles for further reading. Barton claims he studied over 100+ sources on glitter, and it shows in how he does not shy away from addressing what is true and not true surrounding everything relating to glitter.

My director would have loved knowing that there is a global conversation to ban glitter because of its negative effects on the environment. (Think, microplastics!) 
 "Should the solution be NO MORE GLITTER?"
Even new biodegradable glitter, according to scientists, still harm aquatic life. 

What's the solution? You'll have to read, Everywhere Glitter, to form your own opinion.

Highly recommended.

Visit Chris Barton's website for a list of other books he has written. 

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