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Monday, March 11, 2024

Home by Isabelle Simler

Isabelle Simler; translated by Vineet Lal
Eerdmans Books for Young Readers. 2024

French author, Isabelle Simler,  using poetry introduces young readers on a journey to discover the amazing homes of animals that live around the world.

"I've been to some truly amazing homes.
To explore these unique places, I've had 
to bend, and shrink, and squeeze, and 
let myself be transformed in weird and 
wonderful ways. 

I've curled up in a hazel leaf, 
and disappeared under a stone, and bathed 
in a few drops of dew...

I've woken up as an ant. And a bird. 
Even  a sea snail.
And, I've imagined life in these homes,
all so very different from my own."

Simler explores twenty-seven different homes, sharing the ingenious ways each creature constructs their wondrous dwelling.

Take the European fan worm (Savella spallanzanii)
"I slide into my home like a telescope
and fan out my long feathery lashes."
This "worm-with-a-plume" lives in the ocean on the rocky seabed.

Or the hummingbird, (Trochilidae) who lives in a small, featherweight house hidden under a leaf. 

Accompanying each entry are Simler's beautiful, lush colorful illustrations that showcase the wonders of each individual animal.  Breathtaking.

Included are brief summaries of the twenty-seven animals included in the book, glossary, and recommended resources for more information. 

A truly awe-inspiring book to share with all ages, especially older listeners where you can highlight art, words, nature, and encourage their creativity.

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