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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Follow Follow by Marilyn Singer

Follow Follow: a book of Reverso Poems
a companion to Mirror Mirror
by Marilyn Singer; Illustrations by Josee Masse
Dial Books, 2013
ISBN: 9780803737693
All ages
I checked this book out of my local public library.

It is National Poetry Month! How lucky for us that Marilyn Singer has given us a new collection of reverso poems in this companion to Mirror Mirror (winner of the Cybil Award in Poetry and an ALA Notable). Some of my favorite classic fairy tales and fables are here -- with a twist. Josee Masse's gorgeous illustrations, created with Liquitex Acrylic on a Strathmore 500 series, are breathtaking. They beg readers to take a closer look. Follow Follow is a great book to share with anyone who will listen. 

I think my favorite is No Bigger Than Your Thumb. (Tom Thumb) 
Or, maybe Will the Real Princess Please Stand Up? (Princess and the Pea)

Last week I was very lucky to be invited to hear poet Richard Blanco. He was the guest author at the middle school’s yearly read-a-thon. I felt as if I was on another plain after listening to him for an hour. I loved how he intersperse his poems with anecdotes about what influences his writing.  I know I am not alone in feeling afraid of poetry.  I worry, every time I pick up a poetry book that I won’t understand what the poem is about. Blanco said many things, but one comment stood out. Blanco acknowledge that some people do say they tried poetry once and never went back to it, yet we don’t apply that action to anything else. If you watch a movie you don’t like, does them mean you never watch another movie? What about books? Pizza? Shoes? People? That comment made me think.

During April, make a point to share poems in your story time, with your classes, colleagues, friends, family, etc. This new collection of poems will amaze and provide endless enjoyment to readers of all ages.

Go here to read an excerpt.

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