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Monday, September 9, 2013

Follow Follow by Marilyn Singer

Follow Follow: a book of reverso poems

by Marilyn Singer; Illustraed by Josee Masse
Dial Books for Young Readers. 2013
ISBN: 9780803737690
Grades 3 and up
To review this book, I borrowed a copy from my local public library.

A companion to the celebrated Mirror Mirror, poet Marilyn Singer has again written a thoroughly engaging collection of reverso poems about classic fairy tales.

What are reverso poems?

Read the poem from top to bottom:

Fairies helped?
I beg your pardon!
So, here goes
the truth:
I need to tell the world
how hard it was to write,
me in my garret, working all alone.
Just imagine this,
and then
read my book.

 Then read it from bottom to top:

Read my book.
And then
just imagine this,
me in my garret, working all alone,
how hard it was to write,
I need to tell the world 
the truth,
so here goes:
I beg your pardon --
fairies helped.

Each poem, from Aladdin, Puss in Boots, the Three Little Pigs to The Pied Piper of Hamelin, and many, many more, are accompanied by Masse’s beautiful illustrations created with Liquitex Acrylic on a Strathmore 500 series bristol sheet -- 2 ply vellum. Students will savor each picture and love looking at how the pictures are divided to reflect each poem. 

Singer, an award-winning author, is a very clever and creative poet. 
Read an interview with Marilyn Singer by Roger Sutton on the Horn Boom website. 

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