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Friday, February 14, 2014

CYBILS Winners Announced!!!

I had the pleasure of serving as second round judge in the Book Apps category for the 2013 Children's and Young Adult Bloggers' Literary Awards (CYBILS).

The winner of the 2013 CYBILS in the Book Apps category is...

Disney Animated by Touch Press

Touch Press has created yet another engaging and multi-layered app that fully takes advantage of the interactive features of the iPad. Disney Animated is not your typical storybook app that is meant to be read from beginning to end in one sitting.  Readers will want to digest this informational book app over time. The app is chock full of information about how Disney movie are created from the storyboards to the animation and music. Because of the depth and breadth of information in Disney Animated, the ideal audience is a middle grade or teen reader, however younger children could also read this app with the help of an adult.

Here's what the CYBILS judges had to say about Disney Animated:
"Disney Animated brings to life the outstanding animation heritage of Disney Studios through the expertise of Touch Press, one of the most exacting and innovative developers in the app space today. Appealing to the entire family, Disney Animated meets all the criteria we seek in outstanding interactive media. The technical elements are impeccably rendered, the interactive elements are directly linked to the content, and the narrative content is endlessly fascinating. From stills to studies, animated shorts, soundtracks, interviews, and games that illustrate the points being made, this app is one you'll have trouble putting down.
Like any good non-fiction book, you can read this app in linear or non-linear fashion. Interactive workshops built into the app not only give hands-on explanations of how animation works, they challenge our understanding of physics in a game-like way. The app makes every use of the medium, animating just about everything, even the text. You can pinch, enlarge, move, examine and share just about everything in this app. With Disney Animated, Touch Press models what the digital environment is capable of and what a truly great book app can be."

Trailer for Disney Animated 

The 2013 CYBILS winner in the Middle Grade Nonfiction category is...
Look Up! Bird Watching in Your Own Backyard by Anne LeBlanc Cate

The 2013 CYBILS winner in the Young Adult Nonfiction category is....
Imprisoned: The Betrayal of Japanese Americans During World War II by Martin W. Sandler

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