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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Something Rotten

Something Rotten: A Fresh Look at Roadkill
by Heather L. Montgomery
illustrated by Kevin O'Malley
Bloomsbury, 2018
Grades 5 and up

I love to come across nonfiction books on unique topics. Something Rotten tackles a topic I can honestly say I have never read about in children's literature: roadkill. This is not just some fluff book about animals that have been hit by cars and left for dead. The book is a scientific look at the anatomy and physiology of animal carcasses and how scientists conduct research using the specimens collected from roads.

Montgomery writes in the first person narrative and describes in detail her visit to museums and science labs where roadkill is collected and studied. She interviews scientists about their research. Readers will learn about invasive species, parasites, DNA, taxidermy and more! Montgomery uses scientific terms mixed with her unique voice and sense of humor to make this a page-turner.

Something Rotten deserves space on your nonfiction shelves alongside  Bugged by Sarah Albee and The Scientists in the Field series.

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  1. I have been waiting for this book for a whole year, since I first heard of it from editor Susan Dobinick/Bloomsbury at an SCBWI conference last October. Just got my copy & can't wait to dive in!