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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Fish Everywhere Britta Techentrup

Fish Everywhere
Britta Techentrup
Big Picture Press, an imprint of Candlewick Press. 2019
Preschool to Grade 2

I love the artwork of German artist, Britta Techentrup. Her books, with their colorful illustrations created digitally, are really intriguing.

Fish Everywhere is an informational picture book that will take readers underwater where fish live. After a general introduction explaining what is a fish and just how long they have lived on earth (100 million years), we are taken on quite the adventure to explore the different fish habitats. The book ends on how important fish are to people, both for food and as a pet, and the environmental impact fishing and our pollution is having on their survival.

No back matter.

This book is a nice introduction to fish for the curious.

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