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Monday, April 17, 2023

We Go Way Back by Idan Ben-Barak

We Go Way Back: A Book About Life on Earth and How It All Began 
Idan Ben-Barak; Illustrated by Philip Bunting 
Roaring Brook Press. 2023 

What exactly is life is the theme of this charming informational picture book. 

People have been trying to explain what life is, but it is not easy. 
 We know life is not a thing. 
“Life is the way that some things make more things that are a lot like themselves but sometimes a little bit different.” 
In 32 pages, Ben-Barak, who holds a PhD in the history and philosophy of science, takes readers on a journey back before life on Earth began and gives us an understandable theory will understand. 

Accompanying the intelligible narrative are Bunting’s colorful, cartoon-like illustrations. The book would be a great addition to any display on life on Earth. 

An enjoyable read aloud for students in all grades, but especially high school. We Go Way Back is the kind of book that sparks conversations. 

This book does not include any author’s note, further explanations, or bibliography.

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