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Monday, May 22, 2023

How the Sea Came To Be and All The Creatures In It. Written by Jennifer Berne


How the Sea Came To Be and All the Creatures In It
Written by Jennifer Berne; Illustrated by Amanda Hall
Eerdmans Books for Young Readers. 2023

This delightful informational picture book takes readers on a visually appealing journey that explains the evolution of our oceans over 4.5 billions years.

Each double-page spread includes Hall’s spectacular illustrations that are paired beautifully with Berne’s captivating verse. 
Billions and billions of years long ago,
when the Earth was young and new,
the world was so hot, rock melted and boiled,
and fiery, wild winds blew.”

Included is a note from the author and illustrator, a look at ocean creatures over time that also includes a brief explanation of each creature, key terms and concepts, and resources.

“Oh, so long, long ago,
    in the far distant past,
        the first life came to be
               in the sea.”

This engrossing journey will whet readers appetite for more facts about how Earth began and all the creatures inhabiting it.

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