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Friday, May 19, 2023

Mr. Lincoln Sits for His Portrait by Leonard S. Marcus

Mr. Lincoln Sits for His Portrait: the Story of a Photograph That Became an American Icon

Leonard S. Marcus

Farrar Straus Giroux. An Imprint of MacMillan Publishing Group, LLC. 2023

History fans, and those who are curious about Abraham Lincoln, will devour this slim volume on what led to our 16th President having his image captured on film. Award-winning author, Marcus, masterfully explains what led to Lincoln reflects on the life of one of our greatest presidents, and the aftermath of his assassination, , 

On February 9, 1864, Abraham Lincoln went to the photographic studio of well-known photographter, Matthew Brady and had six portraits taken by Brady’s assistant, Anthony Berger. One of those pictures, the image of Lincoln reading to his son, Tad, would depict Lincoln’s father side. That image, after his assassination, would offer people a reminder of the extraordinary power of Lincoln’s words. 

Peppered throughout the narrative are historical photos of Lincoln and individuals of importance for that time. 

Award-winning author, Marcus, masterfully explains events in Lincoln’s life that led up to that photo session. Intertwined in the narrative is a portrait of Lincoln, a man with little schooling who would become our 16th president at a time when our nation was divided slavery.           

Included is an afterward, a Lincoln timeline, 1865 to Present, bibliography, source notes for the quotes placed throughout the book, and index.

Like all books by Leonard Marcus, this one is powerful, engaging, and a perfect tome for history lovers of all ages.

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