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Friday, October 13, 2023

Chasing The Sun by Timothy Musso

Chasing the Sun
Timothy Musso

Creative Editions. 2023

“An Arctic tern can fly as many as 50,000 miles in its annual migration.”

In his first book, Musso does an excellent job bringing readers along as they follow the migratory path of a female Arctic Tern as she travels from Weddell Sea, Antarctica to the Arctic Coast, Alaska and back to Weddell Sea, Antarctica. 

Readers will be swept along with the simple language, no more than one or two lines per spread, yet each sentence conveys so much of what is reflected in Musso’s woodcuts that are based on his field drawings while exploring remote regions on foot with only his backpack and a sketchbook. The pictures are gorgeous and reflect perfectly the beauty of the natural world.  

She passes giants as they feed.” The pictures shows many Arctic Terns circling in the clear blue sky, diving for fish, while hungry whales are waiting for one of the terns to drop a fish in their mouths. 

In the corner of each spread, Musso places an image of the Earth and uses a broken while line to mark the path the Arctic Tern is taking. He marks the month, number of miles traveled, and where the Tern is on her journey. 

After traveling 25,000 miles brings the female and mate to their nesting site on the Arctic Coast, Alaska. Four weeks later, in August, Parents and one baby being their journey back to Weddell Sea, Antarctica. 

Included is more details about the Arctic Tern (Sterna paradisaea) and identifies animals the tern saw along the way. 

Pair this book with Polar : Wildlife At The Ends of the Earth by L. E. Carmichael.

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