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Monday, September 17, 2018

Lobos: a Wolf Family Returns to the Wild By Brenda Peterson

Lobos: a Wolf Family Returns to the Wild
By Brenda Peterson: Photography by Annie Marie Musselman
Little Big Good Books: an imprint of sasquatch books. 2018

The publisher sent me a copy of this book to review

In this informational nonfiction title, readers learn how a family of Mexican gray wolves, lobos, are taken from a sanctuary and reintroduced to their native territory.

Once plentiful, the gray wolf lived in the area of Arizona, New Mexico, and Mexico. Hunted to near extinction, scientists are working to bring them back. The story in this book follows wolves born at the Wolf Haven International located in western Washington State. Readers will learn about the wolves character and behavior as the pups go from newborns to adult, as well as the challenges faced when reintroducing an endangered species  back into their wild habitat.

Petersen’s narrative is direct and works very well with Musselman’s full-page, color photographs. Visually appealing, the photos are a perfect complement to the text.

Back matter includes more information on the Mexican Gray Wolf, a map of their range, wolf facts, a timeline, and a listing of YouTube videos to discover more about wolves.

A recommended addition to library collections.

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